Contributors - Issue 03


The Times Are Changing - Ayesha Khan

Ayesha is a High-School Freshman who spends her free time studying anything and everything. When not buried inside her books, you might find her painting, sketching or perfecting her embroidery. She is also a keen cook who likes her food extra spicy (a spice tooth?). Oh and she loves, loves, LOVES to bike and run in the rain.

Ashab-al-A'raf - Waris

Waris is a high school senior, bookworm and writer. His interests include Islamic theology, particle physics, cosmology, maths, and computer science. His writings have been published on blogs like The Ascent, The Nonconformist and Deen Over Dunya. Currently, he’s working on a number of writing projects on a variety of topics ranging from the seerah to physics. Most notably though, he's known for his peculiar habit of scribbling down equations and solving them whenever he finds himself unoccupied.


8 Benefits of Reading - ZimBey

Zahra (AKA Zimbey) is a high-school junior, the resident artist (yes, another award-winning one) at RQ and a BJJ white belt (for now!). When not in her backyard hanging from a pull up bar, she may be found in the kitchen whipping up her newest culinary masterpiece.


The Dilemma of Identity - Waris & Sumaira

Sumaira is an NHS mental health professional pursuing a doctorate in (Clinical) Psychology. She has a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Theology & Arabic Language; a BA (Hons)  in Sociology with Psychology, PGCert Psychotherapy & Counselling and an MSc in Psychology at various UK universities. She has since pursued a career in the same field and is interested in and hopes to further contribute to the fields of identity, acculturation, and trauma. Sumaira hopes to combine her work in the field of psychology with her passion for social justice and humanitarian work and get involved in international humanitarian projects, maybe even work for MSF - Doctors Without Borders one day!
Tricultural (Brtish, Muslim, and Indian) at her core, Londoner at heart and global in spirit  - Sumaira enjoys traveling whilst embracing the diversity, culture, and language of the land.

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A Productive Ramadan - JabalMaryam & La Cabra

Making The Hard Decisions - Sumayya & Veronika Edali

Veronika is a twenty-something small-town Russian girl residing in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a film school graduate and has previously co-founded and run two SMEs, Fourth Wall Actors' Agency and Veronika M Photography. Today, besides being a full-time mom, she also runs an activewear and lifestyle brand called Fit Generation Apparel. She shares her journey on social media with an aim to inspire women to live up to their highest potentials by sharing her own entrepreneurial journey with all of its ups and downs.

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Why Do You Talk So Little/Much? - Sumayya & Nida Ashai

Nida is that person who's a part of every Islamic course you know of; she is a dedicated student of knowledge and a self-development driven individual. Having graduated college with a degree in interior design, she is a DIY enthusiast and a small ecommerce entrepreneur dealing in fashion and gifts. Her hobbies include cooking, photography and design (fashion and interiors). She also enjoys organizing parties and get-togethers. She currently runs four Instagram blogs, Season It Just Right, Statement Gifts, Statement Accessorize and Being The Change.

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Half-Full - Greg  C. Bolanos

Greg holds a B.A. in Theater (focused on playwriting) with a minor in English Literature from California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) and is pursuing a career as a writer. In and outside of The Film Club at CSUB (which he organized and led during his last 2 years in university), he produced over thirty short films/promotional videos and continues to hone his artistic eye by generating original content on his YouTube channel: GregCB94. He is also a board member of Project Oh Magazine, an art collective based in Bakersfield. Greg has won the Betty Creative Writing Award, a Kern County Fair ribbon in Poetry, had 4 plays produced in Bakersfield, and was a quarter finalist in the Screencraft Playwriting competition. He relocated to Nevada at the start of 2019 where he founded I. Courier whose mission (currently) is to teach screen and play writing to its members so that they may carry these lessons to the isolated artists in their lives.

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Inconspicuous - Maynerd

Sumayya (AKA Maynerd, La Cabra, etc) is a university student, studying for a B.Sc. in Business & Management. She is currently in her third year and spends a lot of time looking for internships online but never applying due to her numerous pet projects. She enjoys learning and teaching Arabic in her spare time.

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Where The Truth Lies - JabalMaryam

Maryam (AKA Jabal Maryam) is a high-school senior, when she's taking a break from being a university student, when she's taking a break from being the always-reliable, local errands girl. It's complicated.  She is an award-winning قارئة of the Quran and an (award-winning also) artist.



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